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Have you ever wondered if modern Neon signs are safe? And how neon signs are able to deliver us such vibrant colours?

Neon lit signs make all our cities all around the world come to life with bright, exciting colours. You’ll find these everywhere from outside restaurants at night, to the exterior of businesses.

A Modern Neon Signs History Lesson

George Claude first introduced neon lights in 1910 during the Paris Auto Show. By the 1920s glass neon was a popular form of signage in the USA. Later in the 1930s, it made its way to Australia through the Claude Neon Sign Company.

And now, Neon’s are available for homes, businesses, and everywhere else you can imagine.

Traditional neon lights are made out of glass tubes which are filled with low-pressure neon gas. These gases are ‘noble gases’ which allow for the bright lights to be emitted. These noble gases are lighter than air, odourless, colourless, and only contain a single atom.

As you can probably all tell by now, traditional neon lights have a lot of chemistry going on. There are high voltages and potentially dangerous gases. In order to produce specific colours, you need to use dangerous gases such as mercury vapour.

And if you were to accidentally drop one of these? There could be dangerous gas escaping into the air you, your friends, and your family breathe. 


We at My Neon Sign Co USE ONLY modern neon lights and they are created using LED and are lighter in terms of weight . LEDs are wrapped in a polymer pocket to protect each diode from external damage. All our LED Neons don’t have dangerous gases inside them!

And because of this, they have added benefits.

Modern LED neon lights can be dimmed using controllers that regulate the voltage coming from the power supply. Making them ideal for every room in your house, especially KIDS rooms, or office and cafes.

LED Neons from My Neon Sign Co are safe and environment friendly. Making them safe for kids rooms as they are never hot to touch!

ALL Our LED Modern Neon signs are great for weddings, birthdays or as a prop oh and don’t forget the Man Cave or the She Shed!

Are you ready to purchase or design your very own safe and modern neon signs?

You can play with some custom designs in our custom neon sign builder OR you can browse our store of designs ready to buy OR you can contact us below and discuss your precise needs!






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