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Choose one of our most popular party & illuminated Neon Signs designs and brighten up your life!

Thinking of jazzing up that party night with some cool neon signs? Want some neon signs for your business, but don’t have the exact idea of what to design and buy? No problem. We are here to help you find the sign that you desire. We have a large collection of neon signs that will go perfectly with your party theme. We have a great collection of signs to choose from. There are some very classic illuminated signs in Brisbane for businesses, and then there are many that you can keep in your room. Pick the design that resonates with your style, and we will deliver it right to your doorstep.

Few Testimonials Given for Party Neon Signs And Illuminated Signs

Wanted some great pieces of neon signs for my place. At My Neon Sign, I got some great signs that went well with my home. The best thing is that they have great customer support to guide and help at every stage. Great price, great collection, and perfect on-time delivery. My Neon Sign Company was of great help when I wanted some millennial style party neon signs for my pub. They look awesome and have great quality.


Yes, we do. We have a dimmer and on/off controller that comes with the neon sign. This will help in controlling the light and also switching it on and off in an instant.

Our neon illuminated signs in Brisbane are high-end quality, and the chances of them breaking down are slim. But still, we provide our clients with a 12-month warranty for indoor neon signs and a 3-month warranty for outdoor ones. The warranty policy is only for the faulty neon signs. Also, the warranty policy is not valid if the sign is hardwired in any way.

No, we do not have a refund policy. In case of faulty neon signs, we will replace the sign as soon as possible.

Yes, the party neon signs can be easily hung on the wall, just like any picture frame. There are pre-drilled holes in the signs and can be hung using hooks, wires, or strings. Also, these signs are quite lightweight, making it easier to be hung anywhere.