Custom Neon Sign

Use our simple custom neon sign tool to create your perfect neon sign!
It’s as easy as entering your text, choosing your favorite font, picking a size and backing and we’ll do the rest.

Here at My Neon Sign Company, we will provide you with a great tool to design and create your own personalized neon signs. Neon signs stand out, and they look so attractive on all occasions. Want business signage that is both versatile and customized? Want a neon sign for your wedding party? We are here to help and provide you with the exact style and design you have in mind. Utilize our easy-to-use tool to design the sign and get it delivered to your home or business. Choose from the store, or simply customize one of our outline custom neon sign tools. If you want the sign for a temporary event, then simply just rent it from us.

(Please note: Indoor Neons are Standard, if the placement of your neon is outdoors then they will need to be waterproofed and external power supply provided)

Few testimonials are given by our clients

 “Thanks, My Neon Sign, for designing such a great outline custom neon sign for my sister’s wedding photoshoot. It was well-designed and was of really good quality, which simply made the pictures stand out.”

· “I own a café and wanted some neon signage for the rooftop setting. I am glad I came across my neon sign. They have the best custom neon sign maker tool. I customized the signs, chose the color and size, and they delivered exactly how I wanted it to be.”

· “Perfect neon signs for my business are what I got from My Neon Sign. They look bright and are durable to be used outdoors. The perfect thing is that the entire order was in my budget.”

FAQ’s For Custom Neon Signs

1. Are these neon signs safe?
Yes, they are completely safe to be used. They are not made from glass but instead are made of PVC silicon with LED lights.

2. Where can I use neon signs?
You can use the personalized neon signs anywhere you want. You can put them up for your business, parties, special events, etc.

3. How do I hang these neon signs?
You can simply hang them or mount them with the help of temporary hooks since they come with drill holes in them.

4. Will the neon signs cause more electrical bills?
No, we use energy-efficient LED Flex in them. The energy consumption is low and will not spike your electricity bill.

5. How do I customize the neon signs?
Use our custom neon sign maker tool to choose any color, style, and size you want, and then add the quote or text you desire. You can pick from our library of quotes and texts as well. Choose the background of your choice. After this, choose how you want to receive the sign and then finally place your order.