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Want to make your regular light bulbs jealous by RGB Neons ?

RGB Neons are fantastic if you are wanting your Neon to change colours and stand out from the crowd.

A RGB (RED,GREEN,BLUE) will have more than 36 functions of Colour Change, Fade or Flashing Effects.

They are also fantastic for any kids bedrooms as they Dim/Fade. Making them a great night light.

A Stunning Neon for Business Logos, Man Cave, Coffee Shops, Kids Bed Room, Wedding, Corporate, Birthday or because you are getting different colours from the ONE Neon.

Product Features:
-Life Span 50,000 hours
-UV Resistant
-PVC Material
-Energy Saving (90% less than glass neon)
-Easy to Install and Maintain
-ECO Friendly
-Great if you are wanting your Neon to change colours.

Contact us to help bring a custom design Neon sign to colorful RGB life!

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