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A neon sign is typically a sealed glass tube that is filled with inert gas. These tubes can be designed to either display a fancy shape or symbol or spell a word. The way this works is the tubes are twisted and turned or bent for this PC purpose. Electrons stream through the gas via the tubes and illuminate the tubes in the process. This is a very popular method of catching one’s attention and a very effective one as well. The tubes are usually filled with hydrogen, mercury or helium to produce either a red, blue or yellow color. It is the best marketing method for many types of businesses and will not put a dent in your electric bill either. There are many ready-made neon signs one can use; there is the option of having it Custom made or Make a DIY Neon Sign.

Popular Options for a Neon Sign

There are many options when it comes to designing a neon sign; this might be for a business, hobby, party or restaurant. Some of the popular options are listed here:

  • Rent: A wide variety of Neon signs are available for rent from many stores online. My Neon Sign has several signs one can rent. This includes popular shapes like heart, peace sign. It also includes signs that spell out of something like love, Mr. & Mrs., etc. Such signs are ideal for short term use like in an event and can be used for both indoor or outdoor purposes. 
  • Ready-Made: Shoppers also have the option of visiting the e-Commerce store at My Neon Signs, where there is the option of buying various signs. This includes signs like ‘Babe You Look So Cool‘, ‘Love’, symbols like heart, butterfly, map of Australia, dog and many more.
  • DIY – Custom Sign:  My Neon Sign also allows you to create a custom sign for a special purpose. Those who require a special neon sign for a wedding or one for a business like a bar or a restaurant can opt for this type of sign. For those who prefer a hands-on approach, there is the option of attempting to make their sign using DIY techniques.


Benefits of Opting for a DIY Neon Sign

A personalized neon sign is highly beneficial to a business since it is a good marketing technique and can help the business grow. Advertising is an integral part of any business and continues to be so every today. There are many methods of advertising like in newspapers, billboards, etc. However, a digital sign like a neon sign is one of the most effective methods of advertising. This is both economical and effective; there are many benefits of opting for a DIY sign as listed here:

  • It is one of the best methods of boosting profits and increasing your business returns. 
  • This is one of the best techniques for increasing impulse buying amongst consumers. This applies to places like restaurants, stores, churches, bars, and more.  
  • It is comparatively more economical to place a neon sign than be involved in other formats of marketing since a neon sign can be custom designed as the business desires.
  • This type of sign creates a good impression on the consumers and saves time as well.


Tips to Make a DIY Neon Sign

There are many benefits of opting for a custom or DIY Neon sign since this way, you have a sign that symbolizes or says exactly what you need. Here are a few tips on how to make your own Neon sign:

  • It is a good idea to gather all the tools necessary to make your own sign first. This may include picking the right material and other tools to create the design or words to be written, a neon bulb, metal wire, scissors, power source or battery.
  • The first step is to design the sign using paper and pen.
  • Trace the design using a string and find the wire of the exact same length to place over.
  • Place the neon light securely with the wire to ensure it is illuminated when turned on.

This is a good method of creating a DIY neon sign; however, there is a better method of doing this like by simply ordering a custom sign from My Neon Sign. We allow you to create your own personalized neon signs based on a few selections that you make online on our website. You have the option of deciding the text to print, font & color to use as well as the background of the neon light. Those who have a custom design in mind; can contact us directly and get a quote for their design. A custom neon sign from My Neon Sign is the best option since it also allows the selection of different types of acrylic backing in various vibrant colors.



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