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LED Neon signs are a popular method of enhancing the interior or exterior design of your business or promoting your brand from the exterior to the interior. You can see these in offices, homes, retail stores, restaurants, and cafes and more.

Businesses use LED Neons to make their commercial spaces appear more inviting and interesting. With the modern look of LED Neon signs, your business can give a more friendly vibe to attract more business and create a visual impact that lasts.

The cost to create neon signs depends on several factors.

More complicated designs that include unique shapes, colours, and other creative elements will take longer to create. And as a result, they will require more manufacturing time and will cost more to purchase.

Alternatively, choosing a simpler design that is easier to create or a pre-made design will make it much cheaper to create.

Size of your Neon sign?

Depending on where you plan to place your LED Neon sign, the recommended size will also change.

The larger the sign, the more manufacturing time goes into creating it. For example, a smaller sign hanging outside your business will be much cheaper than a large neon sign that you may see on top of commercial buildings.

Also if your LED Neon requires additional features such as waterproofing, backlighting, or halo lighting, it’ll take longer to create and require more materials. This then leads to increasing costs.

Determining where you plan to use your LED Neon sign first will determine how and what products need to be used to manufacture your LED Neon.

We at MY Neon Sign Co offer affordable LED Neon signs

We use only modern LED technology to make it safer, and more reliable. 

We also offer the latest in design materials by using Mirrored Acrylic STUNNING!

Our LED Neon signs can be dimmed.

My Neon Sign Co has a range of ready-designed signs that are much cheaper, but we at My Neon Sign Co are always looking forward to helping you light up your space with your own design. 

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