4 Innovative Signage Ideas For Your Office Interior That Can Grab Everyone’s Attention

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Over the past few years, we all must have noticed how businesses are evolving towards maintaining a welcoming office environment for their customers and employees. The once clubbed rows of stuffy grey cubicles are now being replaced with more open and inviting spaces. So what does indoor and outdoor business signs have to do with this shift? Well-executed signage can add both decoration and branding by transforming nearly any office surface. If you are looking for any signage ideas for your business, keep reading ahead!

In 2018, it was observed that there had been a perceptible increase in people that work remotely. According to a recent survey, 70% of the people worldwide work remotely at least once a week. However, not all business owners are in favour of this trend. Many big companies think that there are plenty of benefits of having their employees come into the office.

The only drawback is that most employees don’t enjoy their workplace environment. Studies also show that some employees feel uncomfortable inviting their colleagues or, in some cases, their clients to their office. Therefore, it is essential to create a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for your employees. However, if you want them to be engaged and proud of their workplace, we recommend you should pay close attention to the details. One of the best ways to involve your employees is to create a company sign that sends good, happy, and positive vibes.

 Our sign experts at My Neon Sign Company have helped many business owners improve their office’s overall look and environment. . When it comes to business signs, there are a plethora of options out there. Based on your requirements and budget, our experts can help you determine the best solutions that can capture your business’ personality.

Today we have clubbed together with a list of four creative and innovative ideas that can improve your company’s space with interior office signs.


1) Lobby Signs

Here is one thing to always keep in mind: Your first impression is the last one. As soon as a customer and employee enter the office premises, they should be welcomed with the company’s brand name and logo. By doing so, you are building trust, brand recognition, and brand awareness. One of the best ways to follow the suit is to install a custom office neon sign. Most of our customers like to use our signage for their entrance and lobby areas. Such signs are easy to install, give a professional look, and are exceptionally durable. The signages can be made of different materials such as plastic, acrylic, or even metal. When combined with the right lighting, they will significantly improve the overall look of your office.


2) Office Directories

To guide customers regarding their office space, business directories are also being used to dress entire walls and decorate the lobby areas. There are thousands of options available when it comes to business directories. They can be made with dimensional lettering, engraving, acrylic, lightboxes, and many other various options. If you are still having doubts, know that investing in a striking directory office sign is always a great idea.


3) Name Plates

Such type of office signs can serve several purposes. Neon sign nameplates can help you identify individual offices and rooms. They are also helpful to highlight the names of the employees, which is most commonly used for executive-level roles. With this signage, you can create a cohesive look around your office. 

Pro Tip: Always use similar materials, colours, and styles as the rest of your office signs.


4) Digital Signs

Nowadays, signs that can be modified and updated quite easily are becoming extremely popular. One of the best things about having a digital sign in your office space is you can make changes as often as you want. Most of these signs have LCD and LED technologies. Companies can use them to display special announcements, product images, pricing, or even animated video snippets. Another benefit of using digital signs is they look modern and classy. If you ask us, that one great way to capture any visitor’s attention.


Do you need help with Signage Ideas For Your business?  

We have a variety of neon signage for all sorts of applications and budgets. Our custom business signs in Brisbane are quite popular and serve their purpose. If you are looking to take your advertising to the next level, contact us today!



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